Our mission is to…

  • EDUCATE the world about game music as an art form,
  • PROMOTE game music and game composers,
  • RESEARCH game music and contribute to the body of free and open knowledge,
  • PRESERVE the history of game music and archive relevant artifacts,
  • PROVIDE resources for existing and aspiring game composers,
  • PROTECT the right to explore game music through transformative works and assistive technologies, and
  • SUPPORT game music projects & contribute to charitable causes.

GMI is proud to fully support the operation & enhancement of OverClocked ReMix.

Meet our Board

The GMI board of directors is responsible for all decisions surrounding our operation, including use of funds, and meets regularly to vote on matters of supreme galactic significance. Okay, sometimes we're just reviewing minutes and thinking of ways we can make things cooler.
David Lloyd

David Lloyd


Founder of OverClocked ReMix and president of GMI. Artist name = djpretzel. Currently pursuing masters in computer information systems while raising two amazing daughters.

Larry Oji

Larry Oji

Vice President

OC ReMix community manager & VP of GMI. Video game music evangelist. A big Tim Follin fan. Always looking for the next song to loop.

Shariq Ansari

Shariq Ansari


Secretary of GMI. Professional web developer and superhero fan.

Kristina Scheps

Kristina Scheps


OC ReMix submissions judge and Treasurer of GMI. Extreme Legend of Zelda fan.

Andrew Aversa

Andrew Aversa

Board Member At-Large

Game composer + game developer. Lifelong VGM fan.



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